Paintings are produced using just black ink, white pigment, and clear carrier liquids to transport his inks across the acrylic glass he paints onto. Works start through the creating of a sculpture on the floor that the acrylic glass is laid onto. Given the flexible nature of the glass, I am able to create a landscape where there are hills and troughs that dictate the initial movement of the liquids.

The clear carrier liquids act as a catalyst to the inks. The molecules of the different colours within the blacks are attracted to the carrier liquids to varying degrees. As the liquids make their journey across the acrylic glass, the different colours that make up the blacks therefore move at different speeds. It is this reaction that enables me to gradually tease out the colours that make up each different black.

Through heating or cooling parts of the liquids while repeatedly adjusting the heights of different areas of the acrylic glass, I bring an element of control to an otherwise chaotic event. It is this dance between that which can be tamed and the uncontrollable that has resulted in me becoming totally immersed with this approach to creating work.

Given the partially translucent nature of the paintings, they interact with their environment. Both the wall behind can become part of the artwork and the surrounding light affects the shadows cast by the painting. I am interested in exploring the potential three dimensionality of painting.

Following partaking in a Vipassana, his meditation practice has become part of his art practice. Prior to starting a painting he meditates, picturing the dimensions of the piece he is about to work on. Once he gains an understanding of what he wants to achieve across the surface, he starts the process of applying the first set of materials. “A straw is my paintbrush”